Listening Coaching

Effective listening does not come out of a book, or a 2-hour seminar. Ongoing coaching is the key. Listening well requires more than good intentions. It requires practice, practice, practice.

Emotional intelligence is a key component

When we look more closely at the four areas of emotional intelligence, (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) it becomes clear that each has a reciprocal and dynamic relationship with a person's ability to listen masterfully. And of the 18 emotional intelligence leadership competencies, fully 10 can be impacted positively by changing the way that person listens.

“Emotional intelligence contributes 80 – 90% of the competencies that distinguish outstanding from average leaders—and sometimes more” 1

Who will benefit from listening coaching:

  • a seasoned professional with outstanding technical skills wanting to equal that with outstanding relationship, influencing and people skills
  • a leader looking to deepen performance in the arena of interpersonal effectiveness
  • an individual contributor looking for promotability by paying attention to the people side of the equation
  • a senior executive who has identified a direct report who is technically talented yet not leveraging their people or teams due to interpersonal inattentiveness,
  • an individual committed to leveraging listening strengths and tweaking listening challenges for noticeable impact on others

Improved Listening is within your reach

Strategic and ongoing listening coaching has been shown to improve the ability of anyone who is genuinely interested and motivated to continue to grow in their listening effectiveness. 

What you get from our
90-day intensive coaching and support program

This includes:

  • online assessment of listening style and skills
  • 2-hour face-to-face intake session
  • optional 360 feedback of listening skills (boss, peers and subordinates)
  • biweekly 45 minute coaching sessions
  • individualized and personalized homework
  • accountability to a coach for 90 days of focused awareness, practice and debrief


$1900. + GST

To find our more about our 90-day intensive coaching and support program, contact us directly: , or call us at (416) 391-1014 and speak to Carrol.

1 Goleman, Daniel et al, Primal Leadership, Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachusetts, 2002, p251



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