The Business of Listening

It Pays to Listen

Over 35 recent business studies confirm that good listening is one of the top skills needed for success in business.

Listening is a learnable skill

Listening has almost become a lost art. Nevertheless, it is a learnable skill. For the people in your organization, it might be their most important business skill.

Effective listeners outperform less effective listeners

Leaders, who are attentive and authentic listeners, get the best performance from their people and retain those people longer. In sales, effective listeners build stronger relationships that translate into more sales. Effective listeners generate fewer customer complaints, and instill greater customer loyalty.

Good listeners simply make for better employees.

Suzuki and Associates produces intentional listeners

  • Effective listeners -- intentional listeners -- have a direct impact on your bottom line.
  • We specialize in training business people to listen. Ours is not a flavour of the month approach to developing your people's skills.
  • Over 20 years of corporate and organizational experience are focused on helping your people improve.

"An organization of powerful listeners will always sustain an edge in their level of accomplishment and engagement with others."
"The need to be heard, (and understood), which is something we all take for granted, turns out to be one of the most powerful motive forces in human nature." Michael Nichols, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology, College of William and Mary



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Intentional listeners make better employees.

Listening is an endangered skill in today's quick-bytes, hurry-up world. Although listening is one of the most neglected business skills, it's possibly the most vital. The good news is listening intention and capacity can be learned.